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‘Mobile Crashing’ is a series of mobiles created to be situated outdoors to raise awareness of the effects Noise Pollution is having on our environment. The two pieces are created entirely out of metal and react with the wind to create a series of bangs, dings, thwacks and thumps as the pieces of metal of different densities and weights smash together.  

 The forms are inspired by the organic shapes found in the in-betweens of tree branches and the colours are taken from the autumnal changes to my local woods, a direct contrast with the material used – a material that is commonly found in a majority of pollutants from cars and aeroplanes to factories and warehouses and even more accessible machines like lawnmowers and chainsaws – to highlight the collision that is occurring between manmade and natural.  

The mobiles their selves also contrast each other: one is a very heavy, audacious and brutal structure featuring a large sheet of rusted steel cut into a curving shape with numerous elements battering off of it; whereas the second is a more elegant, floating composition of cylindrical lengths encompassed within a large steel ring. This was to create a diversity of sounds and to experiment with size, weight, density, composition and axial alignment to see which sculpture seemed to be the most distressing.  

etica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

I want people to walk past these objects whilst they walk the dog and cover their ears, blurt our derogative remarks and to tear the sculptures down. I want them to question why they are here, who placed them there and, more importantly, who let them do it.  

I want people to hear these noises and feel distress, to then feel an anger towards it, to then realise that this is a problem, and then (hopefully) feel empathy for environment that too has to suffer it, and try to be more conscious of the impact we are having on our environment with the noises we create.  

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